Why Northwest Parrots Fund Exists

The Mission of Northwest Parrots Fund

1)    First and foremost, we strive to keep parrots in their current happy homes! The typical companion parrot finds itself moving through six or seven new homes within the first ten years of its life. We want to reduce that number. We strive to provide the resources necessary to resolve any issues that may be causing parrot owners to consider giving up their parrots. This includes providing training and education for both the parrot and parrot owner

If this is no longer possible or productive, then Northwest Parrots Fund strives to:

2)    Provide assistance and support in finding new homes for companion parrots and other exotic birds to people who for whatever reason are no longer able to care for their birds. This assistance and support includes:
  • Helping find good new long term homes
  • Providing veterinary screening for foster parrots
  • Creating a foster home network to provide temporary shelter during the search for new homes
  • Providing adoption screening and education to ensure successful rehoming
  • Providing adequate food, cages, and other supplies to help ensure that rehoming is successful
  • Providing training and assistance to facilitate the suitable placement and care of any special needs birds, with special medical and physical conditions
3)    Provide emergency funds that may be required to assist with rehoming companion parrots and other exotic birds:
  • Assisting with rescuing and sheltering companion parrots, including transportation assistance and providing suitable shelters, such as appropriate cages
  • Providing suitable food and other necessary supplies to assist with rehoming companion parrots
  • Providing funds for emergency veterinary assistance for companion parrots that are rescued from untenable living situations
4)    Work with local animal shelters and food banks to establish and support pet bird food banks

5)    Work with properly certified avian veterinarians to provide funding for emergency veterinary services

6)    The long term goal of Northwest Parrots Fund is to establish a parrot rescue and sanctuary as a federally certified 501(c)3 nonprofit charity

7)    Raise funds to support the activities of Northwest Parrots Fund as enumerated in this Mission Statement

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