Posted April 28, 2015. Description of Edek from Edek's caretaker:

Edek is a presumed male Red-crowned or Red-masked Conure parrot. He is about 20 years old, maybe a little older and has lived with the same family since he was a baby.  They are moving back to Poland and would like to spare Edek the quarantine and stress of the move.

He has never lived with another parrot, so it is not known how he would react to other birds. He loves attention from people, and likes to chat with them. He has no preference for men or women. He speaks Polish, he knows words like Dzien dobry (Good day), Hallo, Dobranoc (Goodnight), Dobrego (good), Dawaj (Give me) and more.

He used to fly quite a bit until cats moved into the household. Now he won't fly even when he comes out of his cage, and he is very afraid of hands. This may change in a more appropriate environment and with lots of attention.

Edek's new home should give him lots of attention. Another parrot may be possible too, but again, he has not lived with one before, so that situation would require an experienced person.