Update October 29, 2011: We are pleased to report that Verdi has joined a flock of parrots in Graham, Washington, including another Severe macaw named Pickles that was rehomed through Northwest Parrots Fund.

Verdi is an unsexed eighteen year old Severe macaw that was raised by his parront since he was a chick. Verdi has no health or behavioral issues. He underwent a veterinarian check with blood work earlier this year. Verdi's only issue is that he was bonded to his mom, until his mom married. Then he bonded to his parront's husband, and no longer allows his mom to handle him. Verdi currently resides in Brier, Washington, just north of Seattle.

Verdi has been in an environment where there are no other pets, and has had little contact with other people other than immediate family. The husband is afraid of being bitten by Verdi so he rarely handles the bird. Verdi has not received the attention recently that his parront believes he deserves.

Verdi can be lots of fun, has a limited vocabulary, enjoys being groomed, likes getting a shower with a spray bottle (but only when the vacuum cleaner is running), loves tearing up paper towels. He is on a pellet diet, but primarily eats people food. Verdi has a fondness for junk food. Verdi apparently does not like flashlights. On the occasion when Verdi misbehaves, his parront will tell him Flashlight, and he will retreat into his cage, saying Bye Bye.