Sophie is a nineteen year old female Scarlet macaw that desperately needs a new Seattle area home. Sophie is free to the right home and comes with two cages, including a macaw sized Cal cage with play top. This is a really sad situation where Sophie's parront is homeless with unemployment and chemical dependency issues and the parrot is living with the woman's ailing 80+ year old parents. Sophie was raised by her female parront from a chick. Except for her parront, Sophie apparently favors men over women. She is in excellent feather and appears to be in good health, but probably has never seen a vet, so a checkup with an avian veterinarian is important. Sophie is small for a macaw but clearly has the full throttle macaw personality, so she definitely needs someone with macaw experience. We are told she can scream as any macaw can, but is not a screamer. 

If you are not able to adopt a macaw, but can provide a temporary foster home, please contact us as well. Please email us with your telephone number and we will call you. Or simply use the Contact Us link on the Navigation Bar. 

Posted September 16, 2010

Sophie was confined to a small travel cage

She had one ratty old toy to play with

Sophie at her new home, no longer living in a cage!