Updated November 30, 2012: We are thrilled to report that Sevita is staying in her home and is no longer available for adoption.

Sevita is an eight year old confirmed female Congo African Grey parrot looking for a new home in the Seattle area. Sevita has lived in Seattle with her current parront for seven years. Sevita's parront feels that she can no longer provide the time and attention that Sevita requires to properly care for her.

Sevita's wings are clipped. All of her vet care has been with Dr. Onorati, DVM - Des Moines Veterinary Hospital. Sevita's parront wishes to continue Sevita's care with Dr. Onorati. Sevita boards there frequently and is well bonded with his staff.

Sevita has a distinct preference for women and has always been an only pet. Sevita comes with her cage, perch, and toys. Anyone wishing to adopt Sevita must have prior parrot experience. African Grey parrots are not starter pets. Understand also that African Grey parrots can live fifty years or more. If you live in the Seattle area and are interested in adopting Sevita, please read our Adoption Procedures page, and contact Northwest Parrots Fund for screening.