Updated November 18, 2012: We are thrilled to report that Reba has been adopted and has joined a flock of parrots in Kent, Washington.

Reba is a presumed female seven year old Congo African grey parrot. She has lived with two men during her life. After Reba's original owner died, his son adopted the parrot. The son recently died and that man's sister ended up with the parrot. She is moving and can not keep the bird.

Reba seems to like both men and women. She likes to have her head and neck rubbed. She likes to wander around the house. She likes sitting on a shoulder and watching television. She'll get excited when watching a football game, start sounding like she's cheering.

Reba is partial to broccoli, apple slices, almonds, and peanuts. She was given a clean bill of health (as well as her wings clipped, toes cut and blood work done) by Eastside Avian and Exotic Animal Medical Center in Kirkland, Washington.

Like most African Greys, Reba speaks prolifically: Get out of here. Hello, Hello, Hello. Hello Steve. (Steve was the name of her previous owner.) She whistles a lot.

She has a cage, and all the cage accouterments and carrying case that will go with her.