Update August 19, 2011:
We are pleased to report that Pickles has joined a new flock consisting of two Scarlet macaws, two African greys, and an Eclectus parrot.

Pickles  (Pic for short) is a twelve year old confirmed female Severe macaw, currently living in Spanaway, near Fort Lewis in the South Sound. Pickles needs to find a new home by the end of September. A change in jobs will force her parront to leave the area, and she is unable to take Pickles with her. Her parront would like the opportunity to be able to visit Pickles in her new home. Apparently Pickles has a history of being passed around from home to home.

Pickles is a Severe macaw, the largest of the mini-macaws,
with a full-throated macaw personality.

Pickles outdoors with her mom.