Kid Kadra

Update May 16, 2015: We are happy to report that Kid Kadra has found a permanent home with a flock of parrots including a Citron-crested Cockatoo that will keep him in good company.

Kid Kadra is looking for a permanent Seattle area home. Hatched in 1994, one of a clutch of three, Kid Kadra is a seventeen year old DNA sexed male Goffin's Cockatoo (Cacatua goffini), with the typical Too attitude! Kid Kadra was raised as a service animal, carried on the shoulder of his owner, who suffered from serious illness and depression, virtually wherever he went.

Kid Kadra came into his foster home in 2005 when his owner suddenly died. The death was not discovered for three days. Traumatized, Kid Kadra was comatose for about two weeks, barely eating, let alone moving.

Kid Kadra's Too personality slowly flowered and showed his true talents. For obvious reasons, his original owner kept Kid Kadra's wings clipped, but since he has grown his flight feathers out. Slowly but surely Kid Kadra realized his talent for flying. Starting with short hops from cage to playstand, he started flying across rooms, then around rooms, then from room to room.

Kid Kadra chose our first Congo African grey parrot Corky to focus his attention on, and quickly became Corky's nemesis. Corky flew like a lead balloon, so was forced to chase Kid Kadra around on the floor. Kid Kadra would simply hop out of Corky's way, surely aggravating him! As his flying skills improved, Kid Kadra turned his attention to the macaws, not in the least scared off by their size. For whatever reason, Kid Kadra became infatuated with our Greenwing macaw Roxanne, but he found the tails of the other macaws irresistible. Kid Kadra harasses our male Blue and Gold macaw Aboo to no end, but wisely avoids our Alpha parrot, Miss Bubba Boy.

Kid Kadra Likes to Chew on Things!