Update January 9, 2012: We are pleased to report that Josie has found a new home!

Josie is a presumed male Congo African grey parrot currently residing in Lake Tapps, Washington, south of Seattle and east of Puyallup. Josie was a gift from an ex-husband, and is believed to be 12 to 14 years old. Josie has lived with his current parront for seven years. Josie's parront is the parrot’s fourth owner. A working mom, Josie’s parront says she no longer has time to care for the parrot. 

Josie does talk and apparently cussed quite a bit early on, but now the only bad thing that he will still say is f**ker. Josie can be very loud when you leave the room. He mimics dogs and cats, and will tell himself to be quiet when he starts making obnoxious noises that he has been cautioned not to make.

Josie loves apple and cheese every morning. He eats Zupreem pellets. Josie comes with a condo cage, car perch, shower perch, as well as a large assortment of toys.