A Happy Ending! We are pleased to report that Graffiti is able to continue living in his own home!

Graffiti is an approximately eight year old presumed female Goffin’s Cockatoo parrot. Graffiti’s mom adopted Graffiti from her daughter who bought Graffiti as a pet. Graffiti can not fly, due to her biting her feathers. Apparently the feather destruction started about two years ago when Graffiti’s mom got a roommate. Graffiti is very sweet and loves to be close and cuddle under coats and blankets. Unfortunately Graffiti can not stay with her mom because of squawking issues. Graffiti comes with a large cage. Graffiti currently lives with her mom in Redmond, Washington. Her mom would like her to stay in the Greater Seattle area so she would have the opportunity to visit her after adoption.