Da Boyz

Updated March 15, 2016: Da Boyz have been successfully rehomed.

Posted July 16, 2015. This description of the parrots from the birds' mom:

Da Boyz are a pair of Green-cheeked conure parrots currently residing in Sammamish, Washington. Zen (hatched 1/10/2013) and Kona (hatched 1/16/2013). Kona is the larger of the two. Both birds are small. Larger than a budgie, but maybe a tad smaller than your average cockatiel. They come with the cage featured in the picture. The only physical concern is that Zen has a very specific seizure trigger - a whistling tea kettle. He doesn't seize right when the kettle goes off. Only if it's allowed to go off for a while (a minute or so). We spoke with our vet about this and she does not feel it's an issue since it's a very specific trigger, and he recovers relatively quickly if he does actually seize. We've learned to just jump up quickly and shut the kettle off as soon as it starts to whistle.

They can both be a tad aggressive. Both are trained to step up and will do so, sometimes quite readily. Sometimes, if they're feeling a bit big for their britches, they won't. I'm their main handler, so they're more female-oriented, but Kona especially seems to like my husband. We have both male and female humans in the household (one older teen, everyone else adults - not certain how they'd react to children), in addition to a dog and several cats. They have no issue with any of the other household pets.

They don't talk much. You might hear them say "Nutmeg" (that's our dog's name) and "Stop it." Most of their vocalizations are usual bird noises or inarticulate grumbling. They can be quite noisy when they want attention (and when their food bowl is empty). They find household electronics fascinating.