Updated: June 4, 2015: We are happy to report that Mr. Cracker has found a permanent home with a flock of parrots including a Blue and Gold Macaw named Crackers!

Cracker is a presumed male Greenwing and Scarlet mix macaw also known as a Ruby macaw that has lived with his current parront in Seattle since the mid-1980s. Cracker went through four homes before arriving in his current home, where he happily lived with his dad and a flock of Cockatiels. Cracker has no band and his exact age is unknown. He may very well be a wild-caught parrot. His original name was Cracker, but his current parront renamed him Alexander. The parrot still calls himself Cracker.

Cracker is fully flighted, and can and does fly. He was in perfect feather until his parront developed a serious illness, and became no longer able to care for him. We are told he is not a screamer, and does speak a few words. He says Hello and Good Bye, Hey, Come Here, You Okay, as well as Cracker. He also sings a song, which sounds familiar but not yet recognizable. Apparently he has never been trained to the step-up command, and is deathly afraid of sticks and blankets. His parront's illness has progressed to the point that Cracker is going into foster care until a good new home can be found for him. 

Cracker's new home must have large parrot experience, and would preferably already have one or more macaws in their household. Cracker will remain in foster care for a period of time until his condition and rehabilitation needs can be assessed. He has not been checked by an avian veterinarian in several years. He will need some socialization including learning basic commands such as the step-up command. His diet especially needs immediate attention. Because his parront has been basically unable to care for him, Cracker has been subsisting on a diet of sunflower seeds and peanuts.