Posted February 1, 2014

My name is Cosmo. I am a Timneh African Grey parrot.  I was wild caught, and my current owners think I am about 30 years of age. My original owners had me for at least 10 years, perhaps 15. After they died their children thought I was a wonderful pet and opted to keep me. Unfortunately, they knew nothing about parrots or parrot care. I was shuffled from one family member to another. Eventually I ended up with my current owners.

For reasons I can’t explain I hate males. But I love females and will behave for them. When I jumped on the husband’s foot and started to bite his toes, the wife said “Cosmo that is not nice” so I got off, hung my head and walked back to my cage. They remained committed to their resolve to keep me as long as the wife was the one to hold and love me, feed me and clean my cage. I was happy and so were they. I fell in love with their daughter and her two daughters. They asked if they could have me, and I was happy with them for several years. About two years ago, my owner’s husband became disabled, and it is a serious disability, so while my owner was a work he could no longer care for me during the day. I am now mad at my owner because she must care for her husband, two daughters and of course me. Sadly, I am the last on the list. My owner asked if she would try to find me a new home. This is the last thing any of them want to do. However, they all feel I deserve a home where I can get the love and attention they feel I deserve.