Charlie (Severe Macaw)

Update: September 6, 2011: Charlie was found today deceased. Charlie deserved better! It was not his fault that a human caretaker was careless in handling him. But Charlie paid the price!

Charlies's fate is an abject lesson in the care required when taking flighted parrots outside.
Please: Never EVER take a flighted parrot out of a cage in an open area unless that parrot is in a harness!

Update: September 5, 2011: Charlie was lost on Saturday, August 27th, while being moved to a new home. Charlie escaped when his owner attempted to transfer him between cages in an open air parking lot at Everett Mall. Charlie was last spotted one week later at the Fred Meyer parking lot flying towards Cascade High School. If anyone finds or spots Charlie, please contact us asap!

Charlie is an unsexed five year old Severe macaw parrot currently living in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island that needs to be rehomed because the parrot’s owner has a medical condition that will prevent her from caring for the parrot.