Charlie (Mitred Conure)

Charlie is a confirmed female Mitred Conure parrot looking for a new home in the Seattle area. Charlie currently lives in Mill Creek, Washington, just north of Seattle. Charlie was left with her current parront many years ago when Charlie's owner, the person she was petsitting Charlie for, never came back to claim her. At first she had a wonderful relationship with Charlie, but apparently in the last few years the relationship changed dramatically. She has two other parrots, acquired before Charlie. Charlie gets along well with them, but has developed a dislike for her and her fiance. She used to be able to hold Charlie and groom her. Now Charlie hates her hands and will only allow herself to be picked up if her hands are covered. It seems that she still cares for her parront, but loathes being touched in any way. Charlie started to pick several months ago. The vet found a few cysts which were removed, but Charlie is still bare on her lower abdomen and under her wings. Charlie is a very loud and sassy bird; she is a Conure after all. But she is putting a huge strain on her family, so her parront feels it would be best to find Charlie a new home. Charlie lives in her bird room with the two other birds and likes to "fight" with her toys. She has a nice cage and is used to being out, playing all the time. She loves to roll her ball around on the ground and eats a mix of seed, pellets and fresh foods. Her parront says she needs to feel good about Charlie not being hurt by being given to someone else, so she desires to find Charlie a better situation that won't hurt her emotionally.