Carlena's Cockatoos

Update March 22, 2013: We are thrilled to report that Carlena's cockatoos have found a new home. All in the same home!

Carlena is an experienced parrot person living in Auburn, Washington, south of Seattle. She has years of experience with parrots of all stripes and species. Carlena has rescued parrots, fostered parrots, and raised parrots from chicks. She currently has three parrots, all cockatoos. Unfortunately, Carlena can no longer keep her parrots. Life's changing circumstances force Carlena to find good new homes for her birds, a situation she neither desires nor embraces, but is forced to accept. As she told us: This is the hardest decision I could ever imagine having to make, but necessary.

We will let Carlena describe her parrots:

I have two Umbrella cockatoo parrots and one Goffin's cockatoo. I am looking for good homes for them. I love them all but due to a change in my situation, I have to find other homes for them. They need and deserve more attention than I am able to give them now. They all love petting and playing.

Isabella is a female Umbrella cockatoo parrot, approximately twenty-three years old, bought from a friend about ten years ago, my nicest bird but also can be my meanest when it comes to strangers in her house.

Jesse is a male Umbrella cockatoo parrot, hatched 6/99. I raised him from a chick, sweet baby, spoiled, passive, not aggressive at all.

Sly is a male Goffin's cockatoo parrot, hatched 3/96, Very nice, sweet, smart bird. I bought him from a friend about fourteen years ago, He can be a brat and will bite occasionally but most of the time he is very loving and loves to be petted all the time.