Update November 19, 2010: We are pleased to report that Baci has found a new home! 

Yellow naped Amazon parrot Baci in his original home fully feathered prior to his plucking problem

Baci is a very sweet presumed male two to three year old Yellow naped Amazon parrot who currently lives in West Seattle. Baci's owner got the Amazon as a companion for her African grey parrot, but in the meantime, her work and finances have taken a severe hit. She will likely need to move soon, and says that all she can manage right now is one bird, one dog, and one ancient cat who's needing quite a bit of veterinary care at this time. 

Baci was born at Denise's Parrot Place on Mercer Island. His family gave him up when the wife relapsed with a serious illness. Baci started plucking when her symptoms came back, but he's still got all his downies. His head, tail, and back are still fully feathered, and his plucking has eased up a bit since his current owner acquired him. She's had him for four months (taking him on a six week trial basis, then his previous owners felt that they really couldn't take him back). 

Baci's owner is concerned about having Baci bounce around so much, and is also pretty sure that he's feeling her current stress level. Still, she think he's on the road to recovery. She'd like to see him in a home with another bird. He has a toy that's green and yellow, and he preens it and cuddles with it all the time. He also reaches out regularly to her African grey parrot, who totally ignores him.

If you are interested in adopting Baci, or are available to provide a temporary foster home for Baci until a permanent home can be found, please contact Northwest Parrots Fund.

Posted November 16, 2010