Angel is a hand raised confirmed female eighteen year old Blue and Gold macaw, currently living with her parront in Tacoma, Washington. Angel's parront raised her from an egg (she had her parent macaws until she had to let go of them through an ugly divorce) and Angel is completely bonded to her parront. Angel has never warmed up to her parront's current husband of the past fifteen years, nor is Angel very good at playing with toys or amusing herself. Angel's parront feels she made many mistakes raising her as she had no clue what she was doing. It hurts to have to let her go, but her parront can no longer give her the attention she feels Angel needs, and wants her to be happy. Angel is just starting to show signs of feather picking on her legs. She has laid a few eggs. Her wings have been clipped most of her life, and her shots are current. Angel is microchipped. Other than being lonely, Angel is in excellent health, and very spoiled. 

Posted September 1, 2010