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Foster Home Network

Pretty Bird is a handsome male cockatiel found on someone's driveway and never claimed.
Pretty Bird was successfully rehomed and now lives happily with a special needs African grey parrot.

There is a Desperate Need for Foster Parronts

Especially for larger parrots. If you are able to provide temporary housing for a homeless parrot, please let us know. Let us know your experience with parrots, what species of parrots you are able and willing to house, and the maximum length of time you would be able to provide housing for a parrot. Sometimes a parrot literally shows up on our doorstep, and needs a new cage as well as a home. Please let us know if you can provide a cage, as well as its size, even if you are not able to provide foster housing. Most importantly, let us know your location. Just click the Contact Us link on the Navigation Bar.