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Adoption Procedures

Let us begin with what parrots are not: Parrots are not starter pets. Parrots are not low maintenance. There is no such thing as a quiet parrot. Parrots are not suitable for apartment living. Parrots are not like dogs and cats.

What parrots are: Parrots are wild animals. If you've never owned a parrot before, you definitely want to talk with someone who does to learn about the trials and tribulations of living with parrots. You especially want to talk with, and possibly visit, someone who lives with the species of parrot you are interested in.

We do not adopt out our parrots to anyone who does not have prior experience with parrots. To adopt a macaw or cockatoo you must have prior macaw and cockatoo experience.

Sophie is a Scarlet macaw whose original parront fell into addiction and homelessness.
Sophie was confined to a cage in an upstairs bedroom with no outside view, with the parront's eightysomething parents.
Sophie now happily lives with a flock of four other macaws, with free access to an outdoor aviary.

If you are interested in adopting one of our parrots, you must live in a house, to provide the necessary space a parrot requires. A home visit will be required to verify that you can offer a suitable environment for parrots.

You will be asked to document your prior parrot experience, with photos or veterinary paperwork.

We typically adopt out our parrots as Free to the Right Home. However, if we determine that you are a suitable candidate to adopt one of our parrots, you will be required to post a nonrefundable deposit of $300 with Northwest Parrots Fund. Once you adopt a parrot, the $300 fee will be deposited with a local avian veterinarian to cover veterinarian bills for the first year or so. Typically, annual avian veterinarian checkups cost $200 to $300.

Lastly, if you adopt a parrot from Northwest Parrots Fund, and ever decide that you can no longer care for the parrot, the parrot must come back to Northwest Parrots Fund for rehoming. A signed contract stipulating this provision will be required.