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Interested in ordering our coffees, books or parrotphernalia to help Northwest Parrots Fund in our mission of Saving Parrots One Parrot At A Time? It's easy. Simply add up the total of the items you are interested in, add $5.00 shipping/handling per order, and click on the WePay Donate Button at the top of our Home Page. And make a donation to cover your order. Most Important: Be sure to contact us with your phone number and shipping address to let us know what you are ordering. And we'll get it right out to you.

We have been searching far and wide for a 100% Parrot Friendly coffee that we can not only endorse, but actually drink ourselves. 

Starbucks? Forget about it! So we decided to create and offer our very own blends, under our very own label.

We Are Thrilled to Offer Our Handforged 100% Parrot Friendly Red Tail Brand Coffees:

To order any of our Red Tail Brand coffees please visit our online coffee shop