Rescues & Sanctuaries

Pacific Northwest Parrot Rescues and Sanctuaries
(Updated March 2012)

This list is far from comprehensive, and will NOT knowingly include any parrot rescues and sanctuaries that breed and/or sell parrots. Parrot rescues and sanctuaries breeding and selling parrots simply add to the problem that created the need for the rescues and sanctuaries in the first place!

I'm sure there are many individuals and groups out there, formal or not, operating rescues and sanctuaries that I am not familiar with. If anyone has knowledge of other individuals or groups, particularly in Idaho or across the border in British Columbia, please send us the information so we can update the list. Please use the following format to keep a degree of consistency on this list:

(Name of Person or Organization)
(Name of Contact)
(Phone Number/s)
(Email Address)
(Web Site URL)


Mollywood Avian Sanctuary
Nate and Betsy Lott
P.O. Box 28296
Bellingham, WA 98228-0296

The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary
Lori Rutledge
Stanwood, WA

Northwest Parrots
Michael Ostrogorsky
Seattle, WA

Northwest Bird Rescue and Adoption Center
Chris “Birdman” Driggins
13215 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd.
Suite C-8 P.M.B. # 101
Vancouver, WA 98684
(360/503) BIR-DMAN (247-3626)

Eastern Washington Parrot Rescue
309 W. 48th Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99337
Phone: 509-585-0470

Zazu’s House Parrot Sanctuary
Christy Hensrude
Woodinville, WA
Phone: 425-478-9766

Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary
Bob and Carol Dawson
Carnation, WA


Always Birds First Rescue
Nathan Duerre, President
P.O. Box 26155
Eugene, OR 97402

Avian Hope Bird Rescue
Teresa Haffen
Reedsport, OR

Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon
Jarrine Shaw,Board Chair
Christine Pulsinelli,Board Treasurer
P.O. Box 14863
Portland, OR 97293

British Columbia

World Parrot Refuge
Wendy Huntbatch
2116 Alberni Highway
Coombs, British Columbia