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For me, the sight of a Parrot living alone, living in a cage, deprived of flight and miserably bored, breaks my heart. And the Parrot's too perhaps.
Dr. Jane Goodall.

Do Caged Birds Dream of Flight?

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Interested in ordering our coffees, books or parrotphernalia to help Northwest Parrots Fund in our mission of Saving Parrots One Parrot At A Time? It's easy. Simply add up the total of the items you are interested in, add $5.00 shipping/handling per order, and click on the WePay Donate Button at the top of our Home Page. And make a donation to cover your order. Most Important: Be sure to contact us with your phone number and shipping address to let us know what you are ordering. And we'll get it right out to you.

Why You Should Support Us

While ranking only behind dogs and cats in popularity as a pet, unlike dogs and cats, parrots are truly wild animals, only two or three generations removed from the wilderness. Because of the difficulty of caring for a parrot, a companion parrot will experience six or seven homes in just the first ten years of life. And unlike dogs and cats, many parrots can live a human lifespan.

The purpose of Northwest Parrots Fund is to provide assistance and support for companion parrots (and other exotic birds) needing new homes. Support includes providing assistance with rescuing and rehoming parrots through a foster home network, until a permanent home can be secured; and providing emergency funds for rescuing, transporting, sheltering, feeding, and caring for companion parrots; and for emergency veterinary assistance.

Northwest Parrots Fund has three primary goals:

1)    Do everything possible to keep a companion parrot in its existing home.

2)    If a companion parrot needs to be rehomed, find the best home possible.

3)    Provide training and education in parrot behavior and enrichment for both companion parrot and owner to break the cycle of continually rehoming parrots.

Something You Won't See On this Site:

FORMS! Unlike some groups, we are not obsessed with forms. If you are looking for forms to fill out you've come to the wrong place. Our primary goal is to get companion parrots into good homes. And we will work with parrot owners and potential parrot owners to make this happen. We take people at their word, and we still believe that a person's handshake is their bond!

Northwest Parrots Fund is recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.

Northwest Parrots Fund Credo

Parrots: Don't Breed! Don't Buy! Adopt!